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  B.Nr. Rad / Wheel mm Ø Auto / Car
WT01 Ronal Racing 10.8 BMW, Opel, Audi, etc.
WT02 BBS Zentral 10.8 BMW, Volvo, etc.
WT03 BBS Scheibe Zentral 10.8 BMW, Volvo, etc.
WT04 BBS Zentral 10.6 Audi, BMW, etc
WT05 BBS 4-loch 9.0 BMW, Opel, Ford, etc.
WT06 BBS 5-loch 8.3 NSU
WT07 Spiess 5-loch 8.3 NSU
WT08 Alpina 5-loch 10.8 BMW
WT09 Audi Rallye Gr.N 9.8 Audi 200
WT10 VW / Audi 8.6 VW Golf / Audi 80
WT11 Audi Rallye Gr.A 9.8 Audi 200 / Sport Quattro
WT12 Ronal 5-loch 10.0 Opel, Ford, etc
WT13 VW / Audi 9.5 VW Golf / Audi 80 / 90
WT14 OZ 5-loch 11.5 Škoda, Ford, BMW, etc.
WT15 BBS Gr.5 Zentral 10.8 / 12.5 BMW, Ford, Porsche,etc.
WT16 BBS 4-loch 9.5 BMW, Opel, Ford, etc.
WT17 BBS 4-loch 10.0 BMW, Opel, Ford, etc.
WT18 Stahl 4-loch 8.6 BMW, Opel, etc.
WT19 Stahl 5-loch 9.5 Mercedes, Opel, etc.
WT20 De Tomaso 10.0 De Tomaso Pantera
WT22 Ronal-Racing 5-loch 10.8 Audi, etc.
WT23 ATS 4-Stern 4-loch 8.3 Simca, etc.
WT24 Alfa Romeo 8.6 Alfa Romeo GTA, etc.
WT25 Ronal 4-loch 9.0 Opel, BMW, etc.
WT27 BBS Zentral 10.8 BMW, Ford, Merc., etc.
WT28 Alpina Rallye 4-loch 9.0 BMW, Alfa, etc.
WT30 Alpina Race 4-loch 9.0 BMW, etc.
WT32 Ronal Gr.5 Zentral 10.8 / 12.5 Porsche, etc.
WT33 Ronal Racing 5-loch 10.0 Opel, etc
WT34 Ronal Racing 4-loch 9.0 Opel, BMW, etc.
WT35 OZ-Racing Zentral 10.8 BMW, Mercedes, etc.
WT36 Trabant Racing 9.0 Trabant
WT37 Stahl 4-loch 8.6 BMW, Opel, etc
WT38 Rial 4-loch 8.3 VW Golf, etc.
WT41 Audi 5-loch 10.0 Audi 200
WT42 Audi Sport Quattro Street 10.0 Audi
WT43 BMW 2002 Street 8.6 BMW, etc.
WT45 BBS 4-loch 10.0 Opel, Ford, BMW, etc.
WT46 BBS Racing 18 Zoll 11.5 BMW, etc.
WT47 Minilite Racing 4-loch 9.0 Ford, BMW, Opel, etc.
WT48 Campagnolo 4-Stern 9.0 BMW, Opel, etc.
WT49 Trabant Racing 9.0 Trabant
WT50 Audi Sport USA 10.6 Audi TransAm, IMSA
WT51 BBS Zentral 10.8 BMW, Ford, etc.
WT52 ATS Zentral 18 Zoll 11.5 Opel, etc.
WT53 Ronal Zentral 18 Zoll 11.5 Opel, etc.
WT54 BBS 12-Stern 18 Zoll 11.5 Opel, etc.
WT55 Audi Sport Quattro Rallye 10.0 Audi
WT56 BBS Zentral 10.8 BMW, etc.
WT57 BBS 5-loch 10.8 Audi, etc.
WT59 AMG 4-Stern 10.8 Mercedes, etc.
WT60 BBS Racing 3-loch 9.0 Alpine, Peugeot, etc.
WT61 BBS Racing 10.0 Alfa, BMW, etc.
WT62 BBS Gr.5 Zentral 10.0 / 11.5 BMW, Ford, Porsche,etc.
WT63 Ronal Rallye 9.0 Toyota, etc.
WT64 Toyota 4-Stern-Design 9.0 Toyota, etc.
WT65 Toyota 8-loch-Design 9.0 Toyota, etc.
WT66 ATS 5-Stern 9.5 BMW, Opel, etc.
WT67 Minilite Rallye 4-loch 9.0 Ford, BMW, etc.
WT69 ATS 5-Stern 9.0 BMW, Opel, etc.
WT70 BBS 5-loch 10.0 Audi, etc.
WT71 Speedline 5-Stern 9.8 Audi, etc.
WT73 Alpina Racing 4-loch 9.0 BMW, etc.
WT74 Alpina Racing 4-loch 9.0 BMW, etc.
WT75 Borbet 5-Stern 10.0 BMW, etc.
WT76 BBS Racing Gruppe 5 9.5 / 11.6 Porsche, Ford, etc.
WT77 BBS Racing 10.0 Opel, etc.
WT78 Alpina Racing 5-loch 10.5 BMW, Opel, etc.
WT79 Camaro Racing 5-loch 10.0 Chevrolet, etc.
WT80 BBS Racing 4-loch 10.0 / 10.5 BMW, Opel, etc.
WT81 BBS Racing IMSA 11.5 Audi, etc.
WT85 Audi Quattro 9.5 Audi Quattro, Audi 80 Qu.
WT87 BBS Rallye 9.5 Audi, etc.
WT91 BBS Racing 18 Zoll 11.5 BMW, Opel, etc.
WT93 BBS Rallye 9.5 BMW, Opel, etc.
WT94 Fuchs Rallye 9.5 Porsche 911 / 914, etc.
WT95 Fuchs Street 9.5 Porsche 911 / 914, etc.
WT100 8 Speichen 9.0 Skoda 130, etc.
WT114 6 Speichen 9.0 Skoda 130, etc.
WT115 4-Stern 9.0 Skoda 130, etc.
WT116 BBS Rallye 9.0 Skoda 130, etc.
WM01 OZ 5-Stern 10.2 BMW, etc.
WM02 Campagnolo 5-loch 9.7 Lamborghini, etc.
WT2405 BBS 4-loch 15.8 BMW, Opel, Ford, etc.
WT2430 Alpina Racing 4-loch 15.8 BMW, etc.
WT2448 Campagnolo 4-Stern 15.8 BMW, Opel, etc.